High-Voltage 110V-220V SMD Flexible Strip is the upgrade version based on DC 12V LED Flexible Strip.
It better meet the needs of energy saving and more convenient on installation.To upgrade the originial DC12V
LED Flexible Strip to AC 220V is the greatest feature, can get rid of the transformer again. Regarding to installation,
it can connect 10-50 meters per section, and patch DC12V flexible strip 5 Meters per section as the max length.

High-Voltage 110V-220V SMD Flexible Strip compare with the traditional Rainbow, not only have the HIGH
Voltage advatage, but also have the following.

Durable and Longer Lifespan
More Security
Small Size, the dimension is as same as 12V flexibile Strip
Better Waterproof Rate, all the Strip wrap by PVC,ideal for indoor and outdoor use for night scene project.

Our High Voltage 110V-220V SMD Flexible Strip connector is developed by ourselves for better effect , keep the quality,
more stability, safety. Undoubtely, it will bring market and be popular.

Application Filed:
Widely used for home decoration, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, boutique atmosphere lighting and architectural decorative lighting.
Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting, emergency& security lighting, advertisement sign lighting.
Applicable for automobile decoration, border or contour lighting